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 Jay Petroff

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PostSubject: Jay Petroff   Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:19 pm

Name: Jay Petroff

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy,Bashful,Mysterious,Quiet,Fierce,Brave,Swift,Wise,Secretive


Faction/Rank: Kousenshu Alchemist

Nationality: Resembool

Weapons: Alchemy,a Pistol

Skills: Jay's alchemic skills are not as strong,though can deal damage.She is usually create whirlwinds or heavy rain to attack or slow down her enemy.And due to sharp eye sight,she is a sharpshooter.

Items: Jay wears black leather gloves with a transmutation circle in each.

History: As a young child,Jay was born and raised in Resembool.She lived a happy,quiet and peaceful life then one day her father left-stating that he had to go to war.He too was an alchemist,and Jay's teacher.Months went by and he still didn't return.Mom decided to call the military,though the didn't answer her question.A few weeks later and the military knocked at the front door.Sadly,they reported that her father had been killed.After the funeral,she decided she could alchemy to bring him back,but her mother said many people tried to do the same thing,but they never accomplished their goal,and parished themselves.As Jay grew,she grew a hatred against the military.She admired the alchemists,but knew they were dogs of the military and held a grudge against them too.Jay soon found out she could become a strong alchemist and not work the wrenched people who allowed her father to die.She knew she needed weapons if she were to survive on her own and stay clear from the soldiers who guarded the new town where she lived-Central.Since Jay knew it would take far too long to draw the transmutation circles,she would have her bet known one on something easily accessable.She decided gloves would do best,so she bought fine leather ones where the fingers were cut off to tighten her grip.After preparing,Jay left her apartment and lived as a rogue-thieving and traveling from town to town.

RP Sample: Jay ran throught out the shadows,smirking as she heard the angry yelps of soldiers chasing her to put her in prison for all the robbery.She turned around at the wall of a dead end and clapped,then pressed her hands against the ground.A strong breeze blew,then a mini whirlwind swirled in the alley,frightening the soldiers and sending charging down the alleyway,scared for their lives.Jay giggled and walked after the whirlwind.She exited the alley and then ran back down the street to her so-called-home inside an abandoned and broken down house.It was rotted,with holes in the floor and ceiling.Although not as appealing,Jay enjoyed this place.Jay walked down into one of the holes,and set down some stolen food near a pile of cloth which she slept on.Tired,she laid down and dozed off.

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Jay Petroff
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