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 Character 1

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PostSubject: Character 1   Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:29 pm

Name: Namine Rivers

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Namine like a clever fox catch a mouse in a praire field. She has a instinct for staying away from humans and is a loner except for the animals in the woods.

Appearance: click to see picture:

Faction/Rank: No rank but she's an alchemists

Nationality : she lives on the outskirts of resembool.

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: a katana of chaos called kin which she pulled out of a rock

Skills: animal alchemy

Items: Namine had stiches put into her abdominal mussles during expeirements on when she was a little girl and she got a tattoo in the shape of a transmutation circle which helped her escape before the expierements were done.

History & RP Sample

History: At The Age of five Namine was being used as an expierement project. She escaped to the woods and lived in harmony with all the animals in the forest until she was eleven. A forest fire burned the entire forest down before anyone could stop the fire from spreading. She had to walk a lot to make it to a new forest. she still lives their

RP Sample: Namine Loved her home in the woods and when it got burned down in a forest fire, she was sad that she and all the other animals would have to find a different forest to make their new home. She carryed the oung as they walked in search of a new homebut it was way to long for her to carry them all at once. She noticed a cluster of pine trees just up ahead. she told all the animals she found a new home, and the young of every single animal in the old forest either jumped, flew or squirmed out of her grasp and they all ran towards their new home.
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Character 1
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