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 Missa Rayne (Aka- The Grim Reaper Alchemist)

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PostSubject: Missa Rayne (Aka- The Grim Reaper Alchemist)   Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:34 pm

Name: Missa Rayne
Known as The Grim Reaper Alchemist due to
A- Her clothing (look below for further detail)
B- The fact that she can kill in many ways, yet she is genrally secretive about it, almost liek the reaper, close, but never there.
C- The fact that many people, especially when she annoyed, find her as terrifying as death itself (advice: don’t piss her off)
Age: 16 years of age.

Gender: Female

Personality: Missa on the surface can appear noticeably immature at times. She is strong willed and stubborn, but can let the pettiest of things annoy her. on the outside she appears to act on her own accord, and does what suits her with no one else in mind. When given reasoning she always makes herself sound self absorbed and slightly selfish. She is extremely short tempered and uses violence rather than negotiation. She has a nasty despise for people in power, and those who are higher than her, yet often appears to flaunt her own power, by always giving out big checks and not being afraid to admit that she has made quite the name for herself. She has the reputation of those in authority as a loose cannon, and will often take the decision that annoys them the most. However the act that she always gets the job done right, and more intelligently than her peers means that they have no foot to stand on when hey complain. This also adds to her growing ego. The characteristics she is most known by is being cynical, disobedient, will do anything to relieve you from your view of god, always sticks to reality and her quick wit, smooth talking and self confidence that can get her out of all troubles. From disobeying rules, to being trapped in a cave filled with homunculi.
There is a side to Missa, however, that is not like this, very few people see it and those who do are ones who have made an impact on her life. Inside she has selfless loyalty and compassion beyond compare, which can sometimes be mis-read as unexplainable stubbornness. She has suffered a lot as a child meaning that she can see, connect and understand other suffering, and though advise she give may either sound harsh or stubborn, it is always truthful and wrapped with experience. When someone is in trouble unlike other alchemists, she can’t ignore a pained heart and will try to help it. Life filled with sins and mistakes, she always tries to get people to take the responsibly of their mistakes. With an Automail arm, and damaged heart, she tries to will those who are healthy to move on, continue with their lives, because looking back only hurts you more. She is a hero to the people, and a pain to society, with a reckless manner, but selfless unflinching heart.
As a result of being around Edward too long, Missa has picked up the trait of being sensitive about her height, however, unlike Edward who lashes in small violent manner that is a nuisance but controllable, Missa is a lot more dangerous. She has a tendency to corner the victim or two throw them to a grown, her eyes have claimed to sparkle menacingly as she places un imaginable awful threats in their heads, or will beat them to a shivering mess. However like Edward these tempers can be easily controlled if another person steps in. Most Alchemist say it’s like a temporary switch in personality, others just say it’s a temper tantrum turned extreme by her power.
Though Missa proudly confesses that he does not believe in gods, her spiritual sensibilities tend more toward the agnostic than the atheistic; in private, though she does not pray, she frequently acknowledges the existence of a god in her speech, if only to justify why it is that her life has been so difficult.
She cannot stay still for long and is always itching to move (unless she studying) which is probably why she is always travelling.

Appearance: 4’14 in height, her eyes are a Bright Golden. When down her hair just below shoulder length however (as seen below) her hair is tied up most of the time, except for her spiky side fringe. She generally wear a black/grey coat to mask her appearance, on the back of the coat there is a white scythe with two snakes wrapped around it. Her left arm is made out of full steel auto mail reaching from her shoulder all the way to her hand. Her arm is a cold climate type of Automail limb. It is designed by a young girl called Winry and is a carbon-based make to prevent it freezing up, meaning that her movement is not compromised in any environment. This is lighter than other models available however with her advance knowledge and practise in Alchemy this is more of a help than hassle.

Faction/Rank: Major (State Alchemist)
Nationality Amestris, with Xerxesian Ancestors.

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Her Automail Arm, as she can use alchemy to transform the arm into knives shields ect. Along with the fact that being Automail, it packs quite a punch.

Skills: Alchemy- mostly known for three abilities
A- The ability to not need a Transmutation Circle, she has been the gate and has witness the truth. This means by merely touching her palms together, she creates an energy circulation with her arms and transmutes by using her own will as a substitute for the necessary runes. This ability means that she can take full advantage of her alchemy in the worst of situations and can improvise well in danger.
B- The ability to create lightning without even clapping her hands together or clicking. This is thanks to her Automail arm. She uses the Metal that is in that arm and the wave’s flowing in the atmosphere (e.g. radio waves) to create a special type of lightning. This is good forgiving the enemy a shock, and for disorientating them before a final attack
C- Finally she has the ability to create a fire like element. When she clicks her left (Automail) arm it creates not only friction for fire, but the metal again creates electricity, giving the fire a purple blue tinge. The combination of this an element’s in the air, makes the fire 20% hotter than your average flame, it gives the fire an almost physical form, meaning that when it hits an opponent it can knock them down, or throw them against a wall. Lastly because fo the small amount of electricity produced, it gives the fire more accuracy, and will hurt the average villain 25% more than a normal flame attack.
Items: She apart from the clothes on her back and her Automail arm she doesn’t carry any items apart from a knife concealed in her boot.

History & RP Sample

History: When she was younger Missa lived with her older sister Kayla Rayne and her father (Andrew Rayne) in Resembool. She was friends with Edward and Alphonse Elric along with Winry. However her father died her and Kayla tried to bring him back, they studied for an entire year, during that time they slowly detached themselves from the other three. Just after her 9th birthday Missa and Kayla try to bring their dad back from the dead. When it all went wrong Missa and Kayla both went to the gate, however when the truth tried to get Missa, Kayla threw her body and soul into the gate to save her sister. By that time however, Missa had already lost her right arm. That night she crawled to Pinako, and begged for her to keep it a secret, and to let her have an Automail arm. She refused to tell her why, knowing she wouldn’t approve. She hid in that house and never let Ed, Al or Winry see or hear from her. In the end her and Pinako let them believe she was dead. When she went to see her home for the last time she saw the body of her dad, transformed into a homunculus, along with lust. She killed her father but lust escaped. She decided to become a state alchemist in order to find out more about homunculus, how to destroy them, and if there’s a way of getting her sister back from the other side of the gate. At age 11 she goes to the Alchemy Exam. She passes the writing exam with flying colours and shocks the examiners in the interview. However, the idea of an 11 year old State alchemist was ludicrous so the General at the time challenges her to fight Roy Mustang as her field Exam. Most expect her to back down so when she accepts they all thinks she’s toast. She defeats Roy, just (and still believes Roy went easy to make sure she won) but still, it showed everyone her power. As she worked through the rank she bumps into the homunculus, on more than one occasion. Now, she still has the same goals as she did before, it seems every lead is a dead end, but while her sister is still on the other side of the gate, she refuses to back down. She often stumble into many Alchemist form all backgrounds, along with a whole load of homunculi.

RP Sample: Missa is stalking down the alley ways of Rush Valley, when from behind she senses someone. A stalker? A civilian? Homunculus? From behind a strange man, eyes black as coal, skin a deep tan and hair as golden as her own eyes attacked her, knife in hand. She turned around quickly, her cloak swaying behind her, as she used her left, metal arm to knock the knife from the man before throwing him to the ground. Little did she know what he had hidden in the palms of his hand. Mutation circles! He placed his hands on the ground, and moved the physical rock from beneath her feat. The ground shot upwards in desperate attempted to catch the girl. She is too fast and doges all attacks. With click of her finger she sends a raging purple fire to the man, he deflects, creating a great wall from the sand. Suddenly there’s an eerie stillness about the place, as the girl lands back on the ground. The two sand walls fall, as a silver blade, glimmering crimson in the moonlight, is pierced through his chest. Behind him, stood the culprit, the person she had arranged to meet. It was none other than...
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Missa Rayne (Aka- The Grim Reaper Alchemist)
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