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 Shade Rose

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PostSubject: Shade Rose   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:06 pm

General Information

Name: Ada Rose (AKA Shade Rose)

Age: 14 (15 on Halloween)

Gender: Female

Personality: She is serious and she can be cold, but when she is with her friends, she can be nice. She doesn't have many friends because she always trains.

Appearance: Her real hair color is strawberry blond, her real eye color is brown. She always changes her looks. She wears primarily black, if not dark colors. Her current appearance is; near shoulder length purple hair and dark black eyes. Her smile is beautiful, but she rarely shows it.

Faction/Rank: Civilian

Nationality: Amestris

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Revolver (she only uses this as a last resort)

Skills: She knows alchemy, even though her skills are more advanced than most newbies, it isn't the best.

Items: A ring. This silver band wraps around her finger twice, then spirals around a malachite fragment. She made this ring herself.

History & RP Sample

History: Her father began teaching her alchemy as soon as she could draw although she was unsuccessful in creating or trans-mutating anything despite her father's efforts. When she was only eight, her mother caught a fatal illness. Soon after her mother died, her father soon contracted the illness and he died as well. She was sent to live with her cruel uncle, but she ran away to the forest. There, she was able to successfully change a large leaf into a slice of bread. By the time she found her way out of the forest, she was already able to change a rock into a ring. Craving more knowledge on alchemy, she trekked to the nearest town and began searching through the library for books related to alchemy. A man recognized the book she was reading and asked if she knew alchemy. Being only eight, she nodded her head and proceeded to tell the man all about her journey and her new quest to become a state alchemist. The man invited her to stay the night with him and she accepted the offer. The man came to teacher her alchemy and by her eleventh birthday, she was able to mutate an iron rod into a silver ring. The man soon passed away in his sleep, so Ada adopted the name Shade and left, determined to become a state alchemist. After her thirteenth birthday, the people of her home town had decided to blame her for the spread of the illness. It was true that she was the first to contract the illness

RP Sample:
"Daddy?" I asked the lifeless body in the comfy bed that I used to sleep in when I had nightmares. He didn't respond. "Y-you're leaving me too?" I grabbed onto his soft blue sleeve as tears trickled down my cheeks. That night, for the first night in my life, I slept in my house alone.

The next morning, I wasn't awoken by the sunlight streaming in through my window or my father shaking my shoulder. I woke inside a different house. I didn't remember who's house it was, but I had a sick feel about it.

I pulled the heavy covers off of me and sat up. I didn't bother checking my clothes, but I listened to my stomach and headed to the door. I opened the door and began searching the halls for a kitchen or a dinning room. All I was searching for was food.

My nose picked up the faint cinnamon smell and began to follow it. The scent led me to a large oak door. I reached up for the doorknob, but it twisted by itself and the door swung in.

A tall man stood in the doorway. His face was long and his chin was covered in thick gray. His eyes were narrow and harsh. His hair was slicked back and almost entirely gray with hints of black. I recognized this man as my least favorite uncle. In fact, I very much hated him.

When ever I would come over, he would have me clean his house while he lounged around, doing whatever interested him.

Uncle frowned down on me.

"I thought that you would never wake up. Are you hungry?" He asked. I nodded, but he only crossed his arms. "You may eat once you clean the table area, dispose of my scraps and clean my dishes." He side stepped out of the doorway and shoved me inside.

A good weeks worth of dished were piled high on the side the sink. Scraps of food lay along the sides of his chair. Thankfully, he had licked his plate clean.

"Well, get started." He said, shoving me forward and slamming the door shut.
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Shade Rose
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