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PostSubject: William    Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:55 am

General Information

Name:William Hughs (The name of your character)

Age:21 (The age of your character)

Gender:Male (Male, Female)

Personality:A very unique personality, He is very funny and quite psychotic,and yet serious at the same time. (The personality of your character)

Appearance: (How your character looks; A picture would be nice)

Faction/Rank:State Alchemist-Private (Here you put which group you belong to, and what rank you are. All state Soldiers start as a private)

Nationality:Central (Where you are from)

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons:Ninja sword-A short 14 inch sword (The weapons your character uses)

Skills:William specializes in shifting stone to suit his needs, such as crafting weapons mainly swords and knives, but not limited to small fire arms. He is also a very quick and athletic person and very skilled in multiple versions of MMA. (The skills your character has; Here would be the place to explain if you know alchemy)

Items:Gloves with the finger tips cut off, with alchemic symbols for the shifting of stone on the palms. Items: (The items your character has. These items may include the items that hold Alchemic Symbols for Alchemy.)

History & RP Sample

History:Williams story starts when he was a small child, He always remembered asking his mother where his Dad had been. She would always reply in a soft sweet voice "He is at war dear."With this beings said time and again Will's mind couldnt help but wonder what life as a millitary dog would be like and so at the young age of twelve he had decided to become a reflection of his father. He picked up his first Alchemy book at the age of thirteen absorbing as much knowlege as he could. He was particularly fond of shifting stone and sand particles into various objects. Once he reached had hit sixteen he decided it was time for his first attempt at the State Alchemist Exam, He had failed horribly but vowed to try again, and again untill he had passed it. His determination had grown ten fold with his last attempt and so it seemed as though he never put down his books. His mother accused him of being a sponge of knowlege constantly taking in what he could.
It had been almost two years now since his last attempt at the exam he felt he was ready this time he had mastered the use of stone this time, and memorized everything he read out of all the books he had managed to pick up over the years. It was time for Will to prove to his father he had what it took to become one of the greatest alchemists to ever live.
(The history of your character; please put detail into this)

RP Sample:The sun beat down bright, strong ,and hot on this large and bussling city. It was almost terrifying how the heat got to everyone on this particular day in Central. William could be found at the library with a newly obtain stack of alchemy books that stood almost as tall as he was. He wobbled back and for careful not to tip the particularly large stack of books over as he approached the front desk. Williams head peaked around the side of the sky scraper of books grinning from ear to ear, and looking for the closest librarian.
"Excuse me is anyone here...I could really use a hand here."
By the time the librarian had reached Will he couldn't keep his balance anymore he had tipped over. A large mountain of books came tumbling over his body as his leg began to twitch under the pressure. A small mumble could now be heard from under the hill of books.
"A little help here"
Without hesitation the librarian began stacking the books onto a large cart, while shaking his head at Will. "Now Mr.Hughs I thought I told you that you couldn't check this many books out at once."
Will brushed himself off as he rose to his feet and slicked his hair back trying to look half way decently sane after what had just happened."I know but this really isnt that many I'll have them all done by the end of the week I promise" The librarian took in a deep breath releasing an awful sigh then removed a stamp pad from the front pocket of his jacket. He then began to stamp each book approving the rental of the books. Wills heart raced with the excitment of learning new and interesting things in the world of alchemy.
(A sample of how you role play)

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