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PostSubject: Ranks   Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:39 pm

These people are the characters of the forum that belong to no faction. People in this group can be of almost any race and have almost any skill but they are different in the fact that while they are not exactly 'normal' they just do not belong to one said group. An example of this would be a person who is not in the State Army or someone who is not a State Alchemist. This rank is generally what people will start their character as. In the case of being a dog of the military you can create your character according. But when it comes to becoming a State Alchemist you will start as a civilian who knows alchemy and upon passing the State Exam of Alchemy. This also goes with other races. Homunuclus and etc.
State Alchemists
This group of people are humans (generally) who believe themselves to be on a high degree of Alchemy and good enough to take the State Alchemy Exam, and pass. This rank can be gained by only one way and that is the exam. No one person may start off as a State Alchemist, for this is obtained through trial and test. Normaly people will start as a Civilian and when they think they are ready will go take the test. While that is the usual starting point of as aspiring alchemist you can also be in the Military and take the exam. So really, no matter the group, if you know alchemy and think your good enough to pass the exam you could possibly become one of these people. To Describe these people, it would be best to quote the actual manga. "Dog of the Military" This is the general description of these people. They are accomplished alchemists that have been deemed by the state to be admitted with such a title. Once in the group you are under direction of all state orders.
State Army
This group is what the name suggests. They are the military of the State. They serve under the Command chain of superiors and corresponding ranks. The highest of these people is the Fuhrer him/herself. Under them are a series of general and listed ranks. When you start off in the army you will start at the lowest rank, which is Private. And after progression of your character and completeion of assignments and missions you will move up. (Generally missions are used to rank up, but in some cases if a superior officer deems you worthy you may be ranked up). While normal people start their military careear as a Private, upon passing of the State Alchemist Exam you will be admitted as a Major.
Homunculus are once human beings who died and then were tried to being back to life by means of Alchemy. This group is extremely powerfull for each Homunculus is 'reborn' with an extremely powerfull ability in their entirity. In general cases, Homunculus are extremely hard to create. For when someone dies, and they are tried to bring back into life it requires alot of Alchemy, and at a High degree. This task would even be difficult for an accomplished State Alchemist. Due to the creation of these powerfull beings, Human Transmutation has been forbidden by the state. As if the foribbing on this art isn't enough the cost of doing this is sever by several means. When alchemists try human transmutation one out of ten it is not successful and the user dies with they're loved one still dead. On the off change they are successful and bring back their loved one it is horrible for the user looses apart of them. This lossing of oneself is random, and extremely dangerous. (Example: Arms, Legs, Internal Organs, Head). A note about Homunculus. While they are powerfull they can die. Even though they has extremely fast healing properties all one has to do is present to a Homunculus the remains of their old body and when this happens they loose all of their strength and are useless in a sence.
Kousenshu Alchemists
A group of rogue Alchemists against the state. They are said to be extremely powerful, as they are able to kill many State Alchemists easily. Not much is known of these people or the group itself other than they are extremely powerfull alchemists. It is hinted though, that they are lead by an Alchemist who is extremely powerfull. Who he is, remains a mystery.
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