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 Rain (My Character)

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PostSubject: Rain (My Character)   Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:50 pm

General Information

Name: Rain

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Kind and generous, but in a fight she becomes emotionless and almost merciless. She sees this as her instinct to survive.

Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, with seagreen eyes. Her hair is black and long. On most days she wears it down. If she feels that she might be introuble that day she puts her hair up and braided, the berette holding her hair up has a transmutation circle in it. she wears a green sleeveless top with black pants. On her feet are boots with transmutation circles in them at the sole of the boot. On her hands are fingerless gloves, also with transmutation circles on them. Each transmutation circle serves a different purpose, so each is different. Lastly, a locket hangs around her neck. It is shaped like a drop of water, with small sapphires gviing it color and shine.

Faction/Rank: Civilian

Nationality: Due to memory loss she does not know her original origin, as far back as she remember she has been in central.

Battle/Skill Information: Basic hand to hand combat, mostly just kicks and punches. (Not many holds, and no throws)

Weapons: Along with her alchemy and basic fighting skills, she carries two pistols. She is not very proficient in shooting them, they server as a last resort.

Skills: Her alchemy is based on the transmutation circles found on her berette, boots, and gloves.

Berette: The transmutation circle here allows her to take some of the oil/water from her hair and turn it into a weapon, or if she pulls oil, a trap to slow her opponent down.

Boots: The transmutation circle here when activated can draw some earth from beneath her feet and use it to encase her boot in rock/stone, she uses this to increase the damage done by her kicks.

Gloves: The transmutation circles on her gloves she uses to create caged out of earth to trap her opponent.

Items: Transmutation circle gloves, boots, and berette. Her two pistols. As well as a loacket that holds a picture of her (apparent) family.

History & RP Sample

History: The earliest thing she can remember is waking up in an alley in central. She found a locket around her neck that included a man, woman, and two children. She recognizes herself in the picture, but noone else. She soon was taken in by an alchemist who taught her. Her helped her understand it, and soon she became a good alchemist. He made her the transmutation items she has now. He was old however, and died when she was 16. She began to take care of herself, getting a job and house. She swore she would find her original family, even if the truth hurts.

RP Sample: I'm not completely sure what else to do to give an example, so I put where she woke up in the alley.

A tightening in my stomach woke me up. I groan, why am I so hungry? Nothing comes to mind, I can't remember anything. I rub my eyes, finally able to see. Two walls surround my sides, but open up to a busy street. Nobody seems to be noticing me. Sighing I try to stand up. My balance is off. "Grrrr" I turn around to see a stray dog growling at me. He lunges, and I run. As I make my way down the street I feel something hitting my chest. Looking down I see a locket, it's sapphires gleaming in the sunlight. I wonder how I got this...THUD! Rubbing my head I see I ran into someone. I quickly apologize and help him up, though my balance is still a little off. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking. Heh, atleast I'm short right?" He looks at me and offers to buy me lunch. I agree to it, my stomach already sounds like it's yelling at me. As we sit at a nearby resteraunt he starts asking me questions. "Whats your name? where are you from?" I looked at him after a bite "I..I don't know, I just woke up in an alley and was hungry. Apparently so waas that dog that started chasing me..." I take another bite. "Well, how about naming yourself? Something that fits you." I think for a moment, what would fit me? I remember my locket, in the shape of a water drop.."Rain, I want to be Rain" He smiles "Very well, welcome to the world, Rain"
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Rain (My Character)
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