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 Blackrose Alchemist

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PostSubject: Blackrose Alchemist   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:07 am

Name: Mika aka Blackrose Alchemist

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: appears to be distant to others and quiet,but once she gets to know someone well she is more open and cheerful but always harbor a dark secret. is know to push back work, helpful to the people

Appearance: purple hair (in style of sailor saturn),electric blue eyes,pale white skin, wears black dress in military style with short sleeves (but not millitary approved) white and black striped leggings,black boots,and black fingerless gloves (like a motorist wheres)

Faction/Rank: state alchemist

Nationality amestrien

Battle/Skill Information: agressive fighter,nimble and dodges attacks with ease (doesnt all the time of course) uses martial arts

Weapons: sword,daggers

Skills: uses alchemy to form wallas around enemys,make random trinkets,and for fighting

Items: alchemic tatto on right arm hidden by a larger tatto of a black rose,in her pocket watch she has a piece of paper with fading words from her father

History & RP Sample

History: Mika was born in central to a mother named Erisa and father named Artamis an alchemist,however Erisa became sick and died shortly after giving birth to Mika.Artimis picked up and moved to Dublith once Erisa died where an old alchemy buddy lived. Artamis was a strict but loving father. he taught Mika how to defend herself in both physical and alchemic ways. but at the age of 6 Artamis too became ill,and left to relieve his daughter of the pain of seeing him in such a state. leaving without a word only a simple note that Mika carries around in her pocket watch. Mika began to depend on herself blocking out any other people fearing they would leave her too,and only focused on training her skills until the age of 15 when she spotted state alchemist in the town-often shed heard nothing good of them. but they seemed to enjoy slacking off and being friendly with the children-one crepped her out though becuase he kept hitting on the towns women. bravely she asked them quetions about there jobs-they replied nice enough and Mika showed them her tatto,and created a human size replica of herself. the alchemist simply replied "thats great kid maybe you can be a state alchemist one day" Mika took this as an invintation and went to central to take the exam. though others laughed at her she had passed the exam at age 16.

RP Sample: im new so this will take some getting used toim hopeing to learn how to roleplaybut mostly i like a story then add action *blackrose uses alchemic power to form giant fist that reaches and squeezes opponent- add dialouge -another figth move-

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Blackrose Alchemist
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