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 Darkewulf Rendan

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PostSubject: Darkewulf Rendan   Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:47 am

General Information

Name: Darkewulf Rendan


Gender: male

Personality: A quiet, reserved person with a predilection for fighting for what he believes in. Can lose control sometimes when fighting and attack like a berserker, without any thought for self-preservation.

Appearance: 6ft 2in. tall, wearing a black cloak over black leather pants and a black sleeveless shirt, he makes an impression on all who meet him.

Faction/Rank: soldier

Nationality: amestris

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: a katana and pistol. Gloves with alchemic circles on them.

Skills: swordsmanship and marksmanship. Uses the alchemic circles on his glove to manipulate air density, allowing him to create vacuums and areas of high pressure.

Items: book containing the basic alchemic circles for changing metals and growing plants for food. Another book containing lists of the basic ingredients for many common items of military life.

History & RP Sample

Early years
Born in the middle of a blustery spring night to a housewife and a career military man, he was raised to be a soldier. Began training in marksmanship as soon as he could hold a gun steady, and swordsmanship shortly after, he became skilled in both quickly. When he showed an interest in alchemy, his father hired a trainer to teach him. Skilled in manipulating air particles to create items out of the miniscule particle floating around, he asked his teacher to help him create a pair of gloves to better manipulate them.

Recent past
Shortly after he turned seventeen, he joined the military and entered basic training. Thanks to his father starting him early, he was place in frontline advanced training and graduated with top honors. He has spent the last year traveling to dangerous areas, fighting to maintain the peace for the state.

RP Sample: N/A
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Darkewulf Rendan
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