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 Riisa Fayln

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PostSubject: Riisa Fayln   Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:25 pm

General Information

Name: Riisa Tyreasa Fayln

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Riisa does not like listening or working others usually. She hates people who are prejudice or sexist. She has a strong resent towards the military and is rather stubborn and likes to go her own way.


Faction/Rank: Kousenshu (Or civilian if you can't be one at first ._.)

Nationality Japanese and English (UK)

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: She uses a costom, oversized Shuriken. She also hides a dagger on a guarder she wears on her right leg.

Skills: Ever since she fled her town with her twin brother, Toliver, they've began using alchemy. Her and her brother both were fascinated by alchemy and plotted to one day go after the military--until Toliver had passed away.

Items: Items: Riisa has a small necklace with the symbol of a transmutation circle she wears around her neck. It belonged to her brother who had given it to her before he had died.

History & RP Sample

History: Riisa was from a city of rogues named Seirtai that was hidden in England. They were all of rogue alchemists who were plotting against the military for putting them through proverty and humiliation. When the military had found out of their plans, they had gone and wiped the city clean from the map, making sure no evidence was left. Riisa and her twin brother Toliver who were only 12 at the time were able to get away. Toliver and her had began learning alchemy to hold their towns goal in place.Riisa was never as good as Toliver was at alchemy, and he always teased her for it. Riisa told him that one day she would surpass him at his alchemy. He was always able to draw transmutation circles faster. When the military had learned that Riisa and Toliver had survived, they had sent an alchemist to eliminate them. While on the run, the state alchemist who's identity was unknown had used his alchemy to destroy a large sky scraper into them. Riisa had drawn her alchemy circle in time. Toliver unfortunately hadn't taken enough time and was crushed by the tumbling rubble of the building. Riisa was able to get out just in time, but saw that Toliver was no where in sight. She panicked, running all over the place to look for him, finding him crushed under a large stone wall. He was barely alive. He looked at her and smiled, telling her she was finally a better alchemist than him. She tried to deny it, hoping he wasn't saying his goodbye, though he ended up having just enough strength the pull his necklace off, revealing a locket with a transmutation circle on it. He asked her to please wear it in his memory and then died before her eyes. She began crying, wearing it around her neck and from then on, promised to not only avenge her town, but her brother's death, to take it against the military. As she practiced more, she was able to manipulate the shadows around herself, using them as a shield, or to grab people from under their feet (as long as she keeps her hands on the ground).

RP Sample: Riisa had been running for quite a while, her breath was running out and her eyes were beginning to water from the oncoming wind that blew into them. She narrowed them, trying to see clearly through the watery blur as she then turned around, taking her blade quickly and slashing her arm. She took the blood into her fingers, drawing a transmutation circle as fast as she could, looking up to her opponents who were coming closer to her. Immediately she rested her hands against the circle and then she used the shadows around herself to form a shield so she would block them off for some time.
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Riisa Fayln
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