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 Crimson's Character

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PostSubject: Crimson's Character   Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:20 pm

General Information

Name: Maximillion Grant (Max,or Maxi)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Max is pretty laid-back and easy to get along with. Sometimes he seems really lazy,but will get into anything important. He is noble,compassionate,and loving. Although he is a very nice guy,he can kill anyone without mercy,if he believes they deserve it.

He doesn't much like some things that the military does,but goes along with it anyway. Sometimes it will upset him,but for the most part he shows no sign of dislike. He has some regrets in his past,but nowadays he is kind to make of for them. When he sees someone that needs help,he helps them,and thinks about it later.


Faction/Rank: State Alchemist

Nationality He does not speak of it

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Alchemy,hand-to-hand skill

Skills: Alchemy,experienced swordsman,and marksman

Items: State Alchemist clock,two small daggers

History & RP Sample

History: The town he was raised in was small,somewhere to the east near the spot of the Ishbal Massacre. He lived peacefully with his mother and father,who both worked as doctors in the town. His father had been a freelancing alchemist,but settled down with Max's mother to raise a family.

Max had two sisters and one brother,they would always play together with the other town children. One day things changed. A man came to their town,he appeared to be a traveler. Max was the first to meet this man,he seemed cold,and had red irises. Max later discovered he was of Ishbal descent.

This Ishbal man was furious with the world,even his own people. His village had been destroyed,and he was filled with the hate of all living people. The way he saw it was that everyone made war,and they should all die. He began tearing apart Max's town,and murdered almost everyone there. Max and his older sister managed to escape with one of their friends and his family.

Afterwards,Max decided to set out and become a State Alchemist. He did not leave right away,he stayed in the village they had settled in and he read up on alchemy as much as possible. He got fighting training from a master of hand-to-hand and bladed fighting,so he could protect who he loved from something tragic like before.

Max also found someone to help him learn basic alchemy along with his readings,when he was seventeen he left for central. When he arrived,he took the alchemy exam and passed barely. He has been an alchemist for exactly one year now,and is living a life he would call good.

RP Sample: Max walked out of the inn he'd slept at the week before,after paying his bill.

He walked toward the exit,thinking,Well this was a waste. I was certainly hoping this master swordsman could help me with my research,but I was wrong. Oh well,no point crying over it.

As he walked toward the exit of the town,two small children walked toward him holding a sack. One of them opened it and held out a small toy sword that had been broken into three pieces. "They said you were an alchemister,and that you could fix it.",he said to Max.

Max laughed and nodded. He took the sword and placed it on the ground. He drew a transmutation circle,and pressed his palms onto it. The sword shone,and then was fully repaired. "Good as new!",Max said with a smile. The kids ran off happily,and Max exited the small town.
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Crimson's Character
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