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 Affiliate Rules & Button

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PostSubject: Affiliate Rules & Button   Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:08 pm


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What is an affiliation? How does it work and what does it mean?
An affiliation means to come, or bring a person or group, into a close relationship with another, usually larger group. In this instance an affiliation is referring to sites, in this case Role Playing Sites, and other sites using the process of affiliation to come together. To put it simply, when you affiliate with another site you are bringing together your own forums and essentially advertising them via your site. This process takes place quite simply when one site, in this case the site in which you wish to affiliate with us, places their affiliate button on our forum and we in return do the very same. (Affiliate button: Generally a picture, or some icon of a sort that links your site with a URL)
How do I Affiliate with AH?
The process of affiliation with Alchemist Haven is simple. First of all someone from the site you wish to affiliate with us has to simply PM an Admin of the site (Note: The AH Admins are listed various places on the site. Including to the left of the forum page) After communication has been made with an Admin of AH and proper authorization is given, we will then add your Affiliate button to our site's affiliate listing. Remember, if we post your button you must post ours of your site as well.
Are there rules and guides to Affiliating with AH?
Like any other site, the answer to this is yes. Affiliating with us is much like advertising your site and as such you must follow proper guides and rules expected. They go as follow:
1.) In order to Affiliate with us, you must contact an Admin for this process. Otherwise, it won't happen.
2.) If we add your button to our site you must add ours to your site. If you do not we will remove yours.
3.) In order to keep the affiliation going, our button must stay on your site. If it is removed we will do the same.
4.) When it comes to your site buttons, please make them of appropriate size. A button that is 100x100 or above will not be accepted.

This is the affiliation button that you must put on your site in order to affiliate with our site. There will no exceptions, if your site does not put up affiliations, we will not put yours up. Simple as that.
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Affiliate Rules & Button
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