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 Alexander Elric

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Alexander Elric

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PostSubject: Alexander Elric   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:58 pm

Name: Alexander Alphonse Elric
State Name: N/A
Alias/Nickname: Alias: Kana Mizuki; Nickname: Al, Alex

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Homunculi
Nationality: Unknown, possibly Resembool

Height: 153cm
Weight: 53.7kg
Eye color: Golden
Hair color: Sandy brown
Hair Style: Layered; Top two layers reach neck, bottom layer goes just past the midpoint on his back and his tied at the nap of his neck
Clothing: Long white gloves, black t-shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers.
Overall Pic: (Will scan in and post when I get time)

Personality: Feminine; Cocky; Shy to strangers; Anti-social
Likes: Braiding hair; Sketching
Dislikes: Cats, syringes, milk
Dark Secret: Is a homunculus
Closest Friend: Unknown
Rival: Doctors who try to give him injections

Skills: Can fuse anything with his own body; Can preform alchemy because of his human legs; knows martial arts; has advanced sense of smell
Weapons: Doesn't use a particular weapon all of the time
Transportation: Walking

Family: Rose Elric (Mother; Deceased); Carter Elric (Father; Deceased); Chamille Elric (Sister; Alive, whereabouts: unknown); Auran Elric (Brother; Alive, whereabouts: Resembool)
Alexander's past is quite clouded and quite unknown until the age of around twelve where he suddenly appeared in Resembool. When he appeared he was bleeding severely as if he had just lost both his left arm from the elbow down and his right hand, the blood mixing in the the rain patting against the ground. He had the Rockbells fix him up some basic automail in payment for all the money he had. After this he quietly left Resembool in the morning and bordered the first train to Central where he seemed to take a particular interest in researching Alchemy, but when preforming it he only used his feet which was odd to most people. If he became a state alchemist, he'd be known as something like the foot alchemist or something. In Central he tried to take the alchemy exam but was deemed too young and was rejected. This was when he left Central to go on a little journey.
A year later he was spotted in the ruins of Ishbal searching for clues of it's demise, even though he had a pretty rough idea of it, and he was also trying to find out what link the philosiphers stone had with the dead town. He was seen almost always with a book with information of the stone in his hands, and most of that time it was with his reading it. After finding nothing of use in Ishbal, the boy moved onto the ruins of Lior, which suffered a similar fate, of which where he found the remains of the transmutation circle that created the philosiphers stone within Alphonse. Of course, he didn't know about Alphonse at the time and thus only knew what the transmutation circle was for. He seemed to camp out in the town for a few weeks before leaving. He was then not discovered until six months later in Resembool again, as his left arm's automail had mysteriously been shattered and he was in need of a replacement.
He managed to get a better version then the last time because he had more money on him. It cost him a fair bit, but he got a pretty durable metallic alloy as the material used. He then vanished again for some time. About a year later he was spotted around central, travelling with a brown backpack on his back and wearing a large black coat, it was his calm golden eyes that gave him away to the librarian who immediately recognised him. She hassled him about that book he borrowed three years ago and how he just 'forgot' to return it, but he simply returned the book and gave her the payment needed to pay for the overdue fee before quietly leaving the library and going to the military again. This time he just simply handed them a letter explaining that he wouldn't bother them anymore as he no longer had need to become a 'dog of the state' as he put it. He hasn't been heard from or seen since.
RP Sample:
The night's air was cold as the light winds flew around the boy as he sat quietly on one of the park benches, watching the empty swing set move lightly with the wind, sqeakign at each movement. The trees russled considerably as a pair of golden yellow eyes looked up at the cresent moon while a smile settled on the poor boy's lips. He sighed as he watched the few clouds pass through the sky before turning his shimmering golden gaze down to his lap where a half-eaten sandwhich lay between white gloves, clasping the meal firmly. He then chuckled lightly to himself as he brought the half-eaten item up into view before biting down on the side of the neatly arranged strawberry jam sandwhich before swallowing the food and grinning to himself.
'What a beautiful night...' He mused to himself as he took another bite from the bread encased treat. He was a wonderer and at age 15, it wasn't exactly labelled normal for a boy his age to be sittign on a park bench at midnight eating a sandwhich under the moonlight. No, it was pretty uncommon alright.
It wasn't impossible though. Wonderers were common folk in today's day and age, as thanks to war, many people didn't have homes anymore. They were all gone, destroyed, dead. He didn't want to put it into words the destruction war cause families. It was unbareable.
"Such a shame..." The boy muttered in a light, slightly scratched voice as he took in the final bite of his sandwhich. Strange... he didn't remember eating most of it... such a shame indeed...
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Alexander Elric
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