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 Lacey Ridgewater (complete)

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PostSubject: Lacey Ridgewater (complete)   Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:29 am

General Information

Name: Lacey Ridgewater

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Sort of like Edward Elric in a way. Short tempered, energetic, but can be caring and forgiving inside. She is loyal to her family and friends. She never gives up especially when trying to reach her goal. She strongly believes in the First law of equivalent exchange.

She looks old for her age. The chain around her neck was given to her from her brother as his "last gift" She never takes it off.

Faction/Rank: Mashimizu( The Clear Water) Alchemist

Nationality Unknown

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons:A thin sword used more to draw blood then to kill people.

Skills:She is able to use alchemy without a circle. When she became a state alchemist at 13 years of age she was able to purify large amounts of tainted water. Thus her name Mashimizu (The Clear Water) Alchemist. Most of her attacks involve controlling water and shaping it into whatever needed or using the water itself as the weapon. She also has great strength even for her age.

Items: None really beside her sword. Her left hand is now Auto Mail due to being lost in battle if that counts.

History & RP Sample

History: Lacey doesn’t remember anything before age 8. It is unknown why. The first thing she remembers is her father being executed for betraying the military to a high extent. She was a happy child despite her losses and she learned to live with it. She still had her mother and her older brother. At age 9 she discovered Alchemy and wanted to learn more about it. Her older brother taught her everything he knew and found out that Lacey had some raw talent in her. He helped train her to the best of his ability. At age 11, Lacey decided she wanted to become a state alchemist. Even though she was very young she was determined. At 12 years of age, her brother was killed by a man named Scar who saught out to kill alchemists. She seeked revenge and this pushed her even further down her path to being a State Alchemist. She studied like crazy until the exams. To her surprise they made her a State Alchemist at age 13. Most people though it was ridiculous until they learned of her potential. To this date she still is very strong and seeks out the man who killed her brother if he is not already dead.

RP Sample:
Lacey stared up at the beautiful night sky. Stars covered almost every inch. A sight she had first seen with her brother so long ago. But she couldn’t think of that now. She had a mission. She looked around for the house in the description, A two-story gray building with a small flower bed surrounding the pathway. After passing by 5 houses she came across it. It matched the description but it looked like no one had lived there for years. The building was in bad condition and weeds had overgrown into the sidewalk. Something was different though. The roses in the flower bed toward the back were still lively in color. Someone was still living there and making sure to water their flowers. “So are you looking for me?” said a man who was no older then thirty who had came from the home. “Yes sir. If you would come with me we can get things settled back at central.” Lacey said in a official tone. “But what can a little girl like you try to accomplish against me!” the man said as he ran toward Lacey at full force. She jumped up to dodge the attack and came down with a ax kick to his shoulder.

And thats about it... ^-^ I wasnt sure if i was supposed to PM this or post it new so forgive me if im wrong.... XD

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Lacey Ridgewater (complete)
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