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 Guy Smith (Completed)

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PostSubject: Guy Smith (Completed)   Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:36 pm

General Information

Name: Kakeru of Ishval (True last name abandoned, Guy Smith will be used when Rping)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: A stoic, carefree civilian alchemist with a constant smile on his face. Keeps a warm facade but doesn't real feel or care much about anything and keeps emotion to a minimum(hence, a stoic). Regardless of lack of emotional attachment, he does enjoy helping the less fortunate on a frequent basis, and contrary to what he would express, he does get some warm fuzzies or something afterwards. Don't know if it applies here, but he is also an insomniac, usually working off of about 4 hours of sleep nightly.

Appearance: Possesses the trademark Ishvalan brown skin, but due to a curious genetic happenstance of green eyes rather than red. Black hair, a red shirt (buttoned up more than in the pic, sry...),sandals, gray undershirt, and baggy brown pants.

Faction/Rank: Civilian

Nationality Ishval

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: None on hand. Can produce simple long sword with much cost to personal energy (see skills), so primarily brawls instead of weapon fighting.

Skills: Primarily skilled with alchemy involving the compression and/or expansion of materials, as well as conversion of one material into another (through compression and expansion). Fortunately this allows him to create steel and simple weapons with great cost to personal energy, for even using the heat produced from compression to aid the reaction, starting the reaction takes a toll of it's own. Therefore has put himself through stamina and endurance training. Unskilled at quickly producing a transmutation circle or alchemy not involving compression/expansion/direct conversion. Oh, and he can cook Wink

Items: Items: Typically carries nothing. Alchemic symbol (see below) tattooed to his left palm (left handed).

Alchemic Symbol:

History & RP Sample

History: Kakeru was born in Ishval, 3 years before the Ishvalan Rebeillion, leaving him a small child during the Rebellion. An only child, he and his parents escaped the rebellion and for the remainder of his childhood, lived in hiding in East City. Thanks to an odd genetic happenstance, he was born with green eyes instead of red, avoiding the prejudice against the Ishvalan people and serving as a runner for the hidden community.

During these errands, around the age of 12, Kakeru was exposed to a street alchemist performing minor tricks for cash (skilled enough, still dirt poor) going by the name of Guy Smith. Having been running most of the day, Kakeru had not been exposed to the God Ishval nor the ban on alchemy in the community, so he visited every day and eventually requested lessons. Guy graciously accepted the apprentice, and Kakeru snuck out of the community each night to learn from his master.

As energy dwindled from lack of sleep (between lessons and personal practice/study at the local bookstore) his errands became sluggish and he would often perform the wrong task. At this point, the elders began to suspect that he was sneaking out, and doubled the watch. It was in vain, however, as it took him an extra hour to sneak out and therefore he lost another hour of sleep each night.

When Kakeru was 17, several events occured that permanently changed his life style. The first was the death of Guy Smith. He died attempting a human transmutation of his deceased Ishvalan wife. Kakeru simply turned the corner one night to see the alchemic light and a last smile from his instructor before the transmutation took his body, Equivalent Exchange only leaving behind 2 organs, several digits, and a shallow pool of blood.

Several months later, the community was discovered. Soldiers and alchemists rained fire and bullets on the tents, sparing none. Kakeru was dragged away by his parents with the other Ishvalans and the elders, but broke free, prepared a hasty circle, and expanded the ground to create a wall guarding their escape.

Upon the settlement of the next camp, Kakeru was banshed from the Ishvalan society for the study and practice of Alchemy. He ran as to avoid branding or further punishment, and boarded the first train to Central. On the train, he used simple alchemy to permanently dye his transmutation circle onto his left palm.

Since then, Kakeru has assumed the moniker of his mentor, and opened a bakery to provide himself with sustenance and shelter, living in the upstairs portion of the building, collecting alchemy books and studying to become a State Alchemist, to try to cure the prejudice and hatred of the Ishvalan society in the State Military.

RP Sample: "GUY GET DOWN HERE AND OPEN THE DOOR! NOW!!!" screamed one of the employees of his store from downstairs. Still groggy from his slumber, Guy stumbled down the stairs and opened the door for his very disgruntled employees. "Why do you guys get up so eeeaarrrly?" Guy asked with a yawn.
"Why do you hire us if you can use alchemy and DON'T EVEN FEEL LIKE LEARNING OUR NAMES!?" asked his sole female employee (a nice young woman with soft brown hair,whom he called Loudmouth).
"'Cause all I can make is rolls. Really hard rolls *yawn*." Guy said as the employees filed in, got changed, and began to open shop.
Slapping himself with some cold water, Guy put on his black apron, warm smile, and tired (but pleasant) tone of voice. "Alright guys, lets get to baking!"

Several military men walked into the store, and Guy greeted them with the same smile. "Hello gentlemen, what can I do for you today?" he asked.his sole
The alchemist with them sighed and said, "You know why we're here Guy. You keep applying for access to the State Library's Alchemy branch, but you know it's only for State Alchemists. We're here to officially tell you to hurry up and take the damned Exam!"
Guy nodded. "Only if you buy a roll!" he said with a dry chuckle and tossed them each a roll.
One of the soldiers chuckled. "Thanks Guy. Looking forward to you joining the ranks!" they said as the left the store.
Loudmouth turned to him and began screaming something about the rolls that she slaved over a hot stove for that were just given for free.
Guy simply laughed. She didn't make them. Those were the hard rolls. The really hard rolls.

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Guy Smith (Completed)
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