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 Roune Archleone

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PostSubject: Roune Archleone   Mon May 04, 2009 2:19 am

General Information

Name: Roune Tyc Archleone

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Personality: roune is dedicated to any cause he deems worthy, though he rarily finds one due to his paranoia and reclusiveness. he avoids most people as much as he can, but is cordial and polite to those he does encounter. he takes no pleasure in fighting when he is forced into battle, but he does enjoy the thrill of it. he has been known to hold grudges for a very long time, even over minor things like being owed less then 2 dollars. he also unfortunately holds most human life in low esteem, he'd rarely go out of his way to save someone he doesn't know, and would likely in fact watch someone day for entertainment and/or information

Appearance: roune has the dark skin and red eyes of his ishbalan ancestory, but is a little lighter then most due to the little time he spends in the sun. his heair is a white/silver that contrasts sharply with his skin and eyes. he has an auto mail left arm from the elbow down, and auto mail legs from the right knee down and mid left thigh down. he has various tattoos of transmutation circles over his body including three moderate sized ones on his chest in a triangle. three more are tattooed on his right forarm, the largest near his elbow and descending in size and leading to the smallest on the back of his hand with an identical one on the inside of his palm. he wears loose leather pants the color of dark sand with a black short sleeved shirt. he wears a leather jacket that matches his pants, it reaches nearly to his knees and has two four pockets, one for his hands and one on the chest of each side. the jacket has small metal clasps to close it. he has a mask/hood with a small air filter and goggles, he usually keeps it around his neck and can pull it up over his face quickly in the event of a sand storm or some other hazardous atmosphere. he wars black leather boots and a black leather glove on his left hand, keeping his automail hidden.

Faction/Rank: civilian

Nationality ishbal (exiled)

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: his auromail arm has two built in blades that can spring out to give punches a bladed edge or allow forearm swipes to become deadly. his legs each have a small holding compartment loaded with a survival knife, and a grenade in the lower thigh of the left. he also carries to handguns, one small calibur with a 12 round magazine and one large calibur with 7

Skills: the transmutation circle on his automail arm allows him to destabalize molecular bonds in inorganic material, causing it to erode almost instantly, the time/energy he puts into it the further it degrades. a tap will turn a boulder into large gravel, brushing his hand against it will turn it to sand, holding it will turn it into particles almost too small to be seen

the 5 circles on his right arm are used to assemble acids for offensive use or for any other use he can come up with, such as burning through a wall. his main acid is oxalic acid, a powerful but very easy to make acid assembled the hydrogen and oxygen in water, but other acids can be used, up to and including Fluoroantimonic acid, the strongest known acid, which is incredibly deadly if he uses it. most powerful acids can easily be made with elements from bodies and roune is often known to use that, disassembling a body to create his acid(s) of choice

Items: Items: roune has a transmutation circle engraved into the metal plate of his automail arm. each peice of his automail includes only minimal weapons to allow space for the internal mechanics so they can be as powerful as possible. he wears a plain silver ring on each middle finger, and a bracelet around his right wrist made of braided metal bands with metal shields hanging from it, it's made of various metals to provide transmutation fuel, giving roune a small travelling stock of materials to use

History & RP Sample

History: roune was born to a minor ishbalan priest, lowly regarded in their religion for marrying a woman from amestris, a non-believer. it carried over to their child who rarily interacted with the other children of the village. he grew up more interested in science then religion. this interest was first in automail, he learned from one of the few automail mechanics working in ishbal, eventually working his way through the basics of upkeep and repair, then moving on to designing his own, though his were never very good. around that time he began to grow interestedin alchemy, something taboo in his homeland, but he kept learning, researching anything he could, from books, travelers, and stories. when the war broke out his village was quickly taken over by the state military, it was too close to the border to put up much of a fight

roune made a deal soon after that, he would work as a guide and assistant to a state alchemist in return for a light payment and tutoring in alchemy. his father was furious over his choice was he found out and soon left, traveling deeper into the country ahead of the war front. roune worked well under the alchemists in the military, mainly working under one known as the liquid fire alchemist, known for his powerful acid alchemy. one day roune was helping him to sneak into an inn in a village soon to be under attack by the state military when they came accross roune's father who recognized both of them for what they were. the liquid fire alchemist grabbed a nearby man and performed his signature alchemy, pulling most of the water out of his body and converting it into alchemy, then directed it into the loose crowd of people, severly injuring all of them, roune watched in horor as his father was hit with acid accross his thoat, a fatal wound. roune drew his knife and rushed the alchemist, but he countered with another stream of another acid, directing it under roune's swing, scything accross his leg and his right arm, but roune continued on, stabbing him in the chest, aiming for his heart

the brief fight led to the loss of roune's lower right leg and left arm, and most of his left leg. his treachery was not uncovered by the military, but he was too minor a concern for support and was left to tend to his own injuries. he managed to get to the automail engineer that he'd learned from, the former relationship was enough to get him his new limbs despite the massive demand the war added to the industry. as payment he stayed on as the engineer's apprentice, learning as much as he could the entire time. throughout the war, he took advantage of the opportunity to learn about alchemy, learning as much of the liquid fire alchemist's technique as possible, during this time he got the tattoes on his right arm, when his fellow ishbalans learned what he'd done/been doing he was exiled, declared a traitor and forced to leave.

he moved to amestris 2 years after the war, opened a shop in a small border town, and has been learning as much about both auto mail and alchemy as possible, focusing on combining the two, creating auto mail designed for alchemists by incorporating different metals for conductivity or for transmutation, and engraving as many or as complex transmutation circles as possible for easy use. he's been thinking about becoming a state alchemist

RP Sample: roune walks into the little basement, not suprised at all by what he sees, stacks of metal cages with chimeras of various states and complexity "why does every nut job who learns alchemy and goes off his rocker start making chimeras?" he asks himself, this was the seventh time he'd come accross a "lab" like this

in this region the state's power was a little weak, this far into the west they couldn't spare any alchemists, they were needed to support their seat of power in central. so since he'd come here years ago he'd been helping to put down any crazy alchemist who went too far in their experiments

he came to the end of the path between the cages and found what he'd expected, a workdesk that looked like it had been too heavily influenced by a shrine, he shakes his head then looks around, finding exactly what he'd hoped for, a pair of pillars to either side, supporting the house above, he taps one then the other with his left hand as briefly as possible, activating the circle on his arm as he does, causing them to degrade quicly, each one grumbling from such a short contact, he runs as fast as his auto-mail legs can carry him (which is pretty fasy) jumping up the stairsand into the back yard of the house as it falls in on itself, burrying the poor creatures and th twisted research that spawned them
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Roune Archleone
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