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 [.XIII/] Zeke:Kousenshu

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PostSubject: [.XIII/] Zeke:Kousenshu   Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:06 am

[[ General Information ]]




A serious man, yet with a kind heart. The type to stop walking and help someone on the street, maybe help an old lady cross the road - someone who's almost always seen with a small, kind smile. Zeke has a good sense of humour, treat's everyone fairly, and believes in equality among men and women. He believes almost everyone can change, from good to bad, or vice-versa - almost everyone. When push comes to shove, he'll try and inflict the least damage on those he has to fight, usually trying to delay it with idle chatter, or simply observing everything else. Zeke enjoys good company, a good time, but has the bad habit of helping people too much. He's the type to try and help a poor family get a job, a nice house and a steady income, when he himself probably only eats a bread a day - then leaves without even saying goodbye, or telling anyone his name.

Taking good care of ones appearance is probably the number one rule for Zeke. That and cleanliness; he dislikes getting dirty, or seeing anyone else in such a state. He has wavy brown hair, only slightly darker then his own chocolate brown skin, and a matching small goatee on his chin. Signs of ageing are only slightly evident, with high cheekbones and defined muscles under his clothes. Zeke wears strange silver earrings, that he almost never takes off - a family heirloom. As well as this, he almost always wears simple, yet elegant clothes; as if he were a travelling nobleman, favouring clothes from the country of Xing - where he frequently visits. On top of whatever clothes he wears [as to not rouse suspicion] is a simple, hooded cloak, one that is taken well care off as to only show the small signs of travelling. One thing to mention is that Zeke has transmutation circles tattooed onto both palms.



[[ Battle/Skill Information ]]

Twin bladed Scythe's, weilded in such a way that Zeke may look elegant and gracious, always a nice show to watch.

*Medicinal/Pharmacological Alchemy. [ability to heal bodily wounds on others and self]

*Electricity. [electric sparks, can be non-harmful, depends on amount of voltage. Usually however, the negative and positive atoms are made heavily imbalanced by rubbing palms, creating high voltage sparks of intense magnitude.]

*Ice [by changing the moleculure tempreture of the water molecules in the air and combining them with a frozen oxygen molecule, a combination of ice can be created. Zeke only knows the basic's of Ice Make [what he calls it], but even the most basics of such a skill can be highly damaging. Using this Alchemy usually makes Zeke feel very cold, but only so.]

*A small water pouch, sometimes filled with water, other times juices, and now and again some sake.

[[ History & RP Sample ]]

Aaah, he had been such a young man before the war had actually begun. Back then, Amestris and Ishbal had no quarrels, no issues that could possible lead to war. Back then, Zeke has been just a teenager, chosen by the family to travel to Amestris for work - as long as it had nothing to do with Alchemy. For just one year, he abided by their rules, decided to join The Military as nothing more then an Engineer. But soon, the temptations began, almost daily watching the State Alchemist's perform their knowledge of Alchemy only made the seduction grow. It was only a matter of time before he himself began to research what was a forbidden art in his country, began to learn. And so he did; day in, day out, fixing whatever machinery he was told to fix while holding the Law Of Alchemy [the principle book of Alchemy] in a free hand - whichever it was. He'd use whatever moment he could to practice, like whenever he was told to fix something and left to it. Soon, as the days passed, Alchemy had... Become more or less part of him, natural to him. For one year, he worked as simply an engineer for the State, but as soon as the State Alchemist Exam started up, he decided that life was much too short to simply apply to a rule that made no sense, to apply to the 'no-alchemy' law of Ishbal, much too short.

Alas, in no time at all, Zeke found himself as a State Alchemist by the codename 'Mähmaschine' - though many just said 'Shinigami' for the heck of it. The reason being for such a codename was due to Zeke's fondness of Scythes, the first thing he himself created using Alchemy being a double headed Scythe, one he continued to this day to carry on his back. Aaah, if he remembered correctly, that day he had been so ridiculously happy, considering now he could create billions more in a blink of an eye. Still, he had joined when he was 14 [using the fake age of 18], only for the Amestris-Ishbala war to break out 7 years later, when he would be 21 years old [or 25 by the official records]. The short seven years of servitude to Amestris had left him with the rank of Lieutenant General, only two ranks lower then that of the Führer himself, yet the fact that he was actually an Ishbalan to begin with left no mercy in the Military...

In only three days, he had been extradited and labeled as a spy of Ishbal - a traitor to be killed on sight.

What truly made Zeke see the ways of Humanity was not the two-faced ways of the Military; their reaction to him could be understood, it was an obvious thing to take no risks in war. What really made him look back on his principles was his own people. During the whole war, during the time the Ishbal's were being massacred, they refused to use Alchemy. The pure dedication they held to stick to the one sacred rule throughout the land made Zeke realize what life was all about. He still didn't like how his people refused to use Alchemy, for he found it to be a gift with so much possibilities. True, it did have its risks, but then what didn't? Maybe.. Maybe if he went to that country he read about in some books, Xing, or something... Maybe the Alchemy they use their would be able to change the thought-train of his people, maybe they'd stop being so goddamn pessimistic about new things - they couldn't always stay stuck in the traditional times, could they? Such pure thoughts he had back then, such pure thoughts as he made his way to Xing, knowing that the number of his is people was slowly decreasing with each passing day, knowing that both children and women, the young men and old, were facing the toughest times imaginable against Amestris.

Xing was beautiful.

The thing was, throughout his whole Alchemichist-using-life, his alchemy had been nothing but random. Usually, Alchemist tended to have a theme to their alchemy, maybe fire, maybe ice, or even silver - yet his was literally all over the place. At least, until he got to Xing. There, it was a whole new life, as if he started off as a baby, so much to learn and do, the customs, the language, hell, he even had to learn Alchemy from scratch - considering the country uses Alchemy for means of medical purposes, making Zeke pretty much knowledgeable in the medical field. As well as the Medical Alchemy he had learnt, his own Amestris-styled Alchemy pretty much turned out to be electricity. Let's just say to Zeke it was pretty shocking [Pun intended]. He returned to a broken Ishbal, a deserted land with only a small number of Ishbalan's remaining [the rest having fled], for the next 2 years, he decided to give the small amount of aid that he could, in the process meeting his family. Ohoho, now that was some drama. The Family [immediate family, relatives, hell, even in-laws] were not pleased - at all - to learn that their blood had broken the creed of alchemy, never mind the fact that he had actually been working for the Military before the war. He tried explaining first, the advantages of Alchemy, and why it was foolish for the Ishbalan people to continue to forbid it for generations to come. The only reaction he got from his family were the looks that spelled R-E-T-A-R-D. Well... If it was one of his cousins that were spouting such nonsense, he'd have given them that look too. Next, Zeke tried demonstrating the advantages of Alchemy. Luckily, he had enough intelligence to realise to show the Medical aspects that he'd learnt in Xing rather then what one would learn in Amestris. Although he was still getting the R-E-T-A-R-D look, but they seemed to be pretty impressed. He always did find his family to be strangely open-minded, not to mention incredibly large and one of those tribe-family that had influence over Ishbal. Oooh, and the fact that his cousins and uncle's were practically setting up new families in Creata, Drachma and even Xing [though he hadn't been able to catch hold of the family in Xing].

A cousin from The Briggs Mountain Range quarters had recently informed Zeke about the recent classification Headquarters had labeled him and other "rebels" of The Military - Kousenshu - forcing Zeke to cut his oh-so-warming family reunion short, before The Military Forces recognized his much-mature appearance. Since then, Zeke's been doing nothing but enjoying the fruits of life, doing odd jobs here and there, almost never using his given codename [yet people still seemed to realise who he was sometimes], blending in with the crowd. Now and again he'd be bored, and have some fun with whatever Military Quarters were near him, but other then that, nothing much to do but relax. And yet, even though it sounded all dreary and boring...

... It really was the best sort of life for a man like Zeke.

.RP Sample/
"Hmm... And you say this potion will make the drinker fall in love with the first person they see...?" How peculiar, but it was so... Pink...
----> "Yes, only a drop, just a d-drop, and walaa~h! Y-You have the l-l-love of your life in the palm of your," Cough, cough. Maybe the man should start creating coughing potions rather then love ones... "H-H-Hands." Well, interesting enough anyway, though Zeke didn't really have anyone in mind that he'd like to have as a love slave. Hmm, maybe having a nice, young lady would make his days interesting. Or a young man. 'Whichever was prettier.'
----> "Is there a way of reversing the effects once you've got your love slave?" The handsome Ishbalan man asked, scratching his non-existent goatee thoughtfully. The Shopkeeper was sweating slightly, not sure why someone was actually believing in such a scam - not to mention wanting to know such specifics. Was this man a maniac? Ooh, but he'd have to get rid of him quickly, his fat wife was getting all love-eyed.
----> "Aah... Y-Yes.. About three... Three drops should do the trick.. D-Don't.. Don't forget to not o-overdose, otherwise..." Couple more quick coughs, leave the sentence hanging, and thank god the phone started ringing. His large wife was too occupied with drooling over the dark-skinned man, typical woman, so he motioned to said man that he was going to pick up the phone. Instead of a nod of understanding, the man fished out some money, about five notes, placed it into the sweaty palm of the Shopkeeper and deposited the "potion" into a random pocket, waving as he left the shop. Zeke didn't have time to play around with the Shopkeeper an his wife, though he was hoping the wife would offer him some tea. Instead, as soon as he left the store, the still-young man peered at the pink solution, feeling childish with excitement as the only thought that ran through his mind was;

'Mmmhmmm... I wonder whether some Nitrogen Chloride would actually make this fake a real...?'

After all, every Alchemist knew that Love Potions actually did exist. x'3
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[.XIII/] Zeke:Kousenshu
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