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 .in the shop [open]

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PostSubject: .in the shop [open]   Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:35 pm

on the outskirts of resembool the plains of grass seemed to flow in an endless carpet of green swaying in a gentle breeze. a curl of smoke rose from a distance unknown, a worn dirt path seemed to lead there.

after a few minutes walk one would find himself at the source of the smoke. a house stood there, obviously changed to suit what it now was. a laboratory, a home and a blacksmith shop. the slamming of a hammer on steel could be heard within these walls as well as outside them.

a slightly heavy hammer rose, then fell. repeatedly mashing out a piece of metal. but what was it? a blade for a scythe it was, repaired for the local farmer. a lightly tanned arm accompanied the hammer, not very muscular but his appearance belied his true strength. a few alchemy circles could be found on the man if one so chose to look but they were hidden beneath a tee-shirt and finger-gloves. black hair radiated off of a blue-eyed face like the beams of a summer sun, while the mouth was ever contorted into a straight-face.

karasu akatsuki, aka: the raven blacksmith.
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PostSubject: Re: .in the shop [open]   Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:20 pm

Hikari Walked over to the burly man gingerly. She looked up.

Uh, excuse me, sir. But have you seen the Elrics anywhere? I've been looking for them.
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Edward Elric


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PostSubject: Re: .in the shop [open]   Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:30 am

Edward Elric walks out
oh hi. sorry, Winry is busy at the moment, can i help you with anything
a skream is heard from inside
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PostSubject: Re: .in the shop [open]   

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.in the shop [open]
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