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 Rules -Read-

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PostSubject: Rules -Read-   Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:10 am

Rules of 'The AH Times'
1.) Please note, This area is mainly only for staff members to post. That being said, special authorization may be given out to a member if they want it and staff feels that they are worthy of it.
2.) Do not constantly ask to be in the article. If you do something that is noticeable to the point that it's worth mentioning then the author will mention you. If you don't, sorry.
3.) If an article author says you may not be in the next article, do not go an ask another staff member looking for a different answer. Because even if they do, you'll only end up getting yourself into trouble and then possible never getting mentioned.
4.) Do not constantly ask to become an author. If we notice your creativity we may ask, that being said we won't notice everyone because of being busy. So if you're interested, you may ask a current Author once every 2 weeks which will be on record, so please don't do it more than the set limit because we will know. If you decide to try and trick us, you'll probably loose all chances of writing an article.
5.) If something get's written about your character that you don't particularly like, you absolutely can have it removed by contacting a Staff Member and/or the author of the article. There may be strong criticism, but if you feel like you're being personally attacked by the comments made you must report it to a staff member.

That concludes the rules for the AH times.
Updates may be made regularly. Keep checking back.

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Rules -Read-
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