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 The Fuhrer, Julius Caesar

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PostSubject: The Fuhrer, Julius Caesar   Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:55 pm

General Information

Name: Julius Caesar (Pronounced Hewl-ius, not Jewl-ius)

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Personality: Julius's personality is correspondent to his age almost exactly. The middle aged man has seen and been in a lot of fights in his life time and won't hesitate to let others know it, especially those he thinks could use some direction. But his "rants" aren't what many would expect from a man his age; more like he's trying to pass on his wisdom and knowledge of the art of combat to the next generation of Alchemist and fighters in general. The lectures can start over something as small as a sloppy style to using too much energy and as a matter of fact, Julius's lectures can turn into intense training sessions before it's all said and done. However, many people embrace his so-called lecturing or ranting and take it to heart for they know of his accomplishments and achievements. Indeed, the man's name has been heard by the entire Alchemy world. Training others and lecturing aren't the man's only high points, however. His wisdom and perceptiveness also make him quite the character. The eyes of Julius have seen much more than many Alchemists will ever see in their lifetime and as such it has been noted that the man can see through deceit and false emotions. It isn't something than can be taught, but rather something that must be learned through life experiences. This has kept him alive countless times before. Julius's wisdom is what landed him on the World Council to be truthful. He had very insightful opinions and knowledge of what Amestris needed and their standings with the other Countries. Julius found the political work to be rather boring and unrewarding, unlike being out on the field of battle, but he had nothing for respect for those did this everyday because he truly couldn't. He was seen as the laziest and he did the least paper work, but his wisdom and intelligence made him just about indispensable. It was even believed if he had put forth enough he could have become a sort of ambassador to other Countries for Amestris due to his wisdom and intimidating appearance, but he still thought that the work would have been boring, so he turned the idea down and left the World Council after five more years.

Another aspect of Julius is that he a fun loving "old timer" who enjoys the company of others, even though his looks say otherwise. He'd be more than happy to accompany anyone anywhere from going with them on a mission, if they have no team or comrade, to a simple walk if they don't feel like being alone. He feels that the ties of friendship and trust are integral motives, not only on the battlefield, but in life in general. These aspects of the ageing Alchemist give him a sort of father figure role in the eyes of the citizens and younger Alchemist. They come to him with their problems and he helps them right along. It's easy to tell that the man is truly proud and protective of his country. He's definitely a man of the people...until it's time to fight. When in combat, the man's entire air becomes stoic and firm. These are the times when it's not unnatural to see Julius kill and not think twice about it. It's as if he doesn't care about the well being of his opponent when in a serious fight and nothing could be closer to the truth. He knows that all life is precious, but he has no qualms about destroying it when it gets in his way. No doubt, if any of the citizens saw what has done or what he can do on the battlefield, their opinions of him would change drastically. As for what Julius looks for in teammates; he can deal with just about any type of person as long as they don't cost the rest of the team the mission, or worse, their lives. Apart from these other things, Julius is a family man as it's quite noticeable when one speeks of his son, Solomon and his loving wife, Sheila.


Faction/Rank: Fuhrer

Nationality Amestrian

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Gauntlets:
These Gauntlets increase the power of Julius' Electric Alchemy by amplifying the charges through the bullet proof steel, due to it being a conductor of electricity. This isn't all, though, as they also have the ablility to create magnetic fields of differentiating force. This is because the Gauntlets allow him to add or subtract any number of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, thus giving Julius' complete control over the charge of electricty he uses. With the power of magnetism and electricity, Julius can push and pull objects (objects that have protons and electrons; which include people) as he so wishes, manipulate metal, and much more. These can be easily concealed under long sleeves.

Skills:Electric/Magnetic Alchemy (See: Weapons)
Hand to Hand Combat: Aside from Alchemy, Julius is also extremely fluid in Martial Arts. He combines the styles of arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Shaolin Kungfu, and Brazilian Jujitsu to make astonishing combonations and unmatched versatility in combat. Thanks to his training in Martial Arts, the man has outstanding stamina, speed, and strength, and combined with his Gauntlets and his shockingly powerful Alchemy, many find Julius more than a handful in a fight.

Items:Alchemist Watch, Gauntlets, Hand Grenades, and his wedding ring that he wears as a pendant around his neck.

History & RP Sample

History: (The history of your character; please put detail into this)

RP Sample: (A sample of how you role play)
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The Fuhrer, Julius Caesar
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