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 Johan Liebert

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PostSubject: Johan Liebert   Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:18 pm

General Information

Name: Johan Liebert

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Personality: There is no other way to put it, Johan is a sociopath. He truely does not care who lives and who dies and will kill anyone who get in his way, and some that are not. He is a genius in every means of the word, mathematics, psychology, alchemy, science, he knows it all. From a young age, he showed his psychotic tendancies, manipulating people, pinning them against each other, controlling and ultimately, killing them. No one ever suspects him either due to the fact that he seems like such a nice person. When in public or working anywhere, his demeanour is that of a kind, caring young man. He would be the kind of person to help an old lady cross the street and then give her some money to get some medication for whatever ailed her. Practically making it impossible to know that inside, he is heartless and the only word to describe him is monster.


Faction/Rank: Civilian

Nationality Country West of Amestris

Battle/Skill Information

Weapons: Handgun

Skills: Full Body Transmutation Circle: Johan has carved into his body, an extremely complex alchemic circle. The only places it is not drawn are his head, neck and hands. his circle allows him to transmute things around him without the need to draw a circle, clap hands or move at all.

Items: Items: N/A

History & RP Sample

History: Johan was born to the family of a Senator in his native country. And from the day he was born, everyone knew he was special. He was walking within eight months and spoke at twelve. The rate that he was able to absorb and apply information was astounding to all who witnessed it. His mind grew exponentially greater than his own body, but somehow, no one noticed what was boiling in that head of his. For at the age of eight, the first bit leaked out and the result was the murder of his mother and father. Both shot point blank in the head. The incident was never solved and fell into the cold files, meanwhile the eight year old Johan had already moved on. Drifting several cities closer to the boarder with Amestris. There, he was taken in by an elderly couple. The couple themselves were quite wealthy, not the greatest in those terms, but had enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. He stayed there for several years, the couple growing accustom to the boy and eventually accepting him into the family. However, once they had signed him into the will, they too were killed. The money going to him, which by then would have become untracable via the bank connections he had set up during the years.

This pattern of his continued for many years as he treked across the country into Amestris and around most of the world. Entering a home, becoming one of them and then taking everything. All the while, he began making connections in the underground world. He began weaving his net in every dark corner he could find. Politicians, mercenaries, soldiers, mobsters, every little thing he could exploit, he did without hesitation. And as his influence grew, so did his kill count. With all the people he had working under him, he didn't even have to lift a finger and others did his dirty work for him. One day though, he got an idea, a sort of social experiment to see what would happen. It took place south of Amestris. There, he started a bank and quickly, in the course of five years, made it the biggest bank in the country. Within the company, he had hired 11 people to work under him. Once the bank was at its peak, for no reason at all, he left. No trace of him was left and after a month, the results began to show. For the men he had hired were soon at each others' throats. All wanting to have the bank for themselves and in the end, the bank collapsed and they had all killed each other. It was several years after that, he was about thirty at the time, that he converted his body into an alchemic circle. Mostly as an experiment that he had performed on countless others, perfecting every last bit until it was perfected. Of course none of the test subjects were left alive and he was still the last one standing. And soon, he would be the last one standing at the end of the world.

RP Sample: "Drip... drip" The consistant sound of falling water echoed through the humid darkness with the steadiness of a metronome. Atop a secluded ledge, Kazuki waited in absolute silence. Not moving his body even an inch as to avoid disturbing even the smallest pebble. The catacombs were narrow and long. Any noise could easily be carried for miles. Because of this, he even limited his breaking to one breath per three minutes.

He had been waiting in the darkness for well over six hours and the exchange time was now only minutes away. The Village had recieved word of Black Market trading occurring in the caverns around the Merchant town of Izilude. It was well known that Black Market goods were constantly coming and going through the town. However this time they had an informant as well as a location and time of one of the major trade routes. If it was to be shut down, the market in the area would fall into chaos and the Leaf could move in and close them down permanently.

The route involved navigating through the miles of underground catacombs with only a few paths leading to a secure exit. Because of the danger the caves possessed, only a brave few who entered their depths and returned know the safe routes. Unfortunately, none of these people are known by the Leaf Village. The informant knew the layout of the first two hundred meters in as he used to play there as a child. So, using his directions, Kazuki was able to locate a suitable location for hiding. If the information was correct, then a caravan should be coming through this area and meet up with another contact at the cave entrance. If all goes well, he should be able to take out the caravan and capture the contact in one fell swoop.

The minutes ticked by to the echo of the water and there was no sign of the caravan. Twenty minutes after the scheduled time, the sounds of footsteps and old wooden wheels could be heard echoing through the cavern. A glow from an oil lamp began to illuminate the darkness and the forms of three men and a large wagon began creeping along the cave floor.

Silently, Kazuki made his move. Unravelling his robe from around his sword he glides it along the ceiling, creating noose-like appendages that began to lower to the men's throats when a fourth presence alerts him to call off his attack. Leaping from his hiding place as several senbon are lodged into the rockface. Upon landing on the floor he looks over to a Hidden Rain ninja glaring at him through his shadowed face. The cart quickly evactuating the area.

"Looks like your ambush failed you pathetic Leaf". He laughs as his voice bounds off the walls creating an infinite echo that engulfed Kazuki. "What's with the silence?" He taunts as the light from the cart fades. "Stunned as to why your plan failed?" He takes a few steps forward as the cavern fades to absolute darkness. "Well..." The voice echoes before a swift breeze passes Kazuki and it returns in his ear as nothing more than a whisper "We just cut the legs off the noisy cricket". With that, the splash of a puddle and swift sound of thin objects cutting the stale air and impailing a soft object are heard.
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PostSubject: Re: Johan Liebert   Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:32 pm

I dont see anything wrong with this app. Just note that equalivent exchange applies with all alchemy.

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Johan Liebert
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