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 Solomon Caesar [Wip]

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PostSubject: Solomon Caesar [Wip]   Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:01 pm

General Information

Name: Solomon Caesar

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Solomon can be described as an extremely polite and kind young man. And in reality, this is true. Solomon is the kind of person who would never be rude, hyprocritical or anything of that sort. Kindness is a second nature to him and it comes easy. Anywhere that Solomon goes, his good human and sparkling attituted follows closely. A trait of solomon that matches his happy go lucky personality is his face. His large show show grin and his beaming eyes only elaborate on the fact that he is happy. Being from his home and upbringing, Solomon has a deep sence of respect. To prove this, Solomon is never blunt or rude to anyone. At all and every time he always shows any person with a sence of respect and honor. On that note, Honor is huge in the personality of Solomon. Being raised by his honor bound father, and kind hearted mother Solomon never strayed away from honor and respect. If someone comits an act of crime, or does a wrong deed Solomon will always push and make sure justice is preserved. And although he is not of the military his sence of well being for the people of Amestris does not change in the least bit. When it comes to his country and the well being of said country, Solomon holds a deep love for it. Nothing will ever come between him and his country. If someone, or something, should ever threaten the country that he loves he will do anything in his power to stop it. For the better being of his home and people nothing will halt it.When it comes to being like his father, Fuhrer Casear, this connection is extremely strong. Not only bound together by looks, but by personality. Both men believe is a higher living and the peace and proser of their country. More so his father, but Solomon follows with a close second. As for his famliy Solomon is deeply bound by his parents. Born an only child, this did not hamper his spirits in any way. His loving mother made his childhood great and thanks to his father his sence of respect and honor were created. When it comes to women and love Solomon dosent have a single love intrest. But neither does he lounge around going for anyone and anything he sees. Of course being a teenage, the blood flows warmly for women but he dosent let it show.


Solomon is extremely tall for his age. His stands at the towering height of six foot two inches. Solomon would be considered good looking, and while he has been told this countless times by many he dosent really believe in looks. Long light blonde hair rests over bright green eyes. His skin is a pale white. Solomon's build is that of an athlete and perhaps a soldier of the military. Broad shoulders occupy his upper torso. He has long arms and legs. His arms end in long swordmen hands and fingers. Solomon has a dead set square type jaw like his father. And infact, one could say he looks exactly like his father Julius save for his eyes which are his mothers. Although because of the clothing Solomon wears it dosent reveal his muscluar tone of his body but they are there. Thick arm and leg muscles cover his limbs. One of the most prominate features of Solomon is his golden hair. It hangs loosely over his eyes and down his ears. Slight curls appear when his hair gets to long but for the most part his hair is straight. Above his eyes, Solomon's eyebrows match his hair color save a darker shade. Underneath these eyebrows lay rest his sparkling green eyes. Much like his personality his eyes spark with laughter and good will. To match his personality even more Solomon almost always has a kind smile on his lips. His smile dosent show teeth, but it pours out good will and humor much like his eyes. Solomon, being of extreme upper class and coming from the Fuhrer himself was taugh how to show himself with respect and fashion. As such Solomon always wears nice clothes. Nothing fancy, or extravagent but clothes that make him look good and not to lavish. At most times Solomon wears a dark shade suit. Unlike his military dressed father Solomon prefers to wear distinguishable suits and other nice clothes. Most of the time a dark black or blue (to show his country) suit covered his body. And usually a bright green or blue tie goes with his suit. When in company of forigne officals or in the presence of higher ranked officals he wears a dark black tie. Always a neat pressed white shirt is under his suit jacket.

The way Solomon walks and shows himself in public only matches his upbringing in the hands of his beloved mother and his high ranking and powerfull father. Never sloughing in public, nor in private for he views this to be a show of weakness, Solomon always walks with confident strides and with his broad shoulders aimed straight. Solomon is not one to be late, so he never had to run or move quicker than a comfortable pace. Although during his regular training and when he sword fights with the other people in the military (thanks to his father) he moves with cat like speed and never looses his determination and cofidence. Not only showing himself and acting as though a good person of high standard, Solomon always shows people with a great respect and kindness. Always the light smile on his lips and never without a word of kindness to say. When Solomon shows emotion he dosent ever hold it back. When he is happy, it shows with his bright smile and his sparkling eyes. When he is angry his eyes darken and his smile dampers slightly. When iritated or annoyed the same looks of anger cross his face. The only emotion that he rarely shows is sadness. Showing sadness is a sign of weakness and frowned upon in his book. So never will Solomon let tears come from his face. Never his face crumpled under the weight of the emotion of sadness. To sum it up, Solomon looks extremely close to his father in almost every aspect. Build, height, weight and of course hair. His skin color, over posture match his father. The only part in which he does not match his father would be his eyes. His mothers bright emotion filled green eyes.

Faction/Rank: Solomon is not a member of the State Military but he is the son of the Fuhrer King Caesar. He is a Civilian.

Nationality Amestris (The State) - Born in Central

Battle/Skill Information

Long Sword

Solomon carries a steel based, State crafted long sword. Due to the fact that his father engrossed him in hard training ever since he was a young child Solomon is quite good at weilding a blade. He has had years of practice and can outmatch most people his age and some higher.

Skills: Due to his excess training at the commands of his father, Fuhrer Caesar, Solomon is extremely proficent with the standard means of warfare within the military. Hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and various other means of attack. Although he knows alot he excells greatly at hand to hand and weilding a sword. Solomon, quite unlike his father, does not use nor know Alchemy.

Items: Items: Solomon carries with him a small metal chain neckless. At the botton of this neckless is a small piece of ruby. It's size and shape matching a small teardrop. This neckless was his mothers orginally but was given to him on his thirteenth birthday. Because of his loving relationship with his mother this item means alot to him.

History & RP Sample

History: (The history of your character; please put detail into this)

RP Sample: (A sample of how you role play)
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Solomon Caesar [Wip]
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