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 State Alchemist Exam Guide

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PostSubject: State Alchemist Exam Guide   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:17 pm

So you have decided to become a state alchemist. This is a rigerous exam and only a few of you will pass. The exam can be broken down into three parts; Written Exam, Field Test, and an Interview. If you fail one of the exams then you cannot partake in the next. That means if you pass all 3 exams, you become a state alchemist! The exams will be held every 2 months, real time, so if you don't make it the first time you can try again. In this guide I will be explaining how the exams work so it is easier for you to succeed.

Written Exam

This is the first part of the exam, the written portion. This test will be testing you on your knowledge of the anime and basic chemistry. Based on fifteen question to test your knowledge this test will start off the Exams. Please keep open mind that these questions could be of anything with the anime. A few guides follow this exam:

1. When the exam starts, you have exactly one week to PM your answers to the proctor of the exam. If you do not PM them within this limit of time, your questions will not be looked at.
2. At the same time, you must rp within the Exam topic. Your rp must be at least a good amount of words long. (The longer and better written it is, the better change you have with the scoring process) Please note, the time limit follows this portion as well. One week.
3. To pass the written portion of the Exam you must get atleast ten questions right out of the fifteen posted. This is very self explanitory.

As with the first exam, you must pass this test to move on to the last and final test; the Interview process.

During this exam, you must follow all of the rules. This is simple, as the guides that are within the written portion are not hard to follow. If you do not abide by these rules, you will not pass the first test. And as stated above, you must pass each test to move on to the next one.

Field Exam

The second portion of the Alchemy Exam of the State. This test will be testing your ability to not only role play as your character, but how they use Alchemy. During this test you will be put into a large area. In this area each one of the canidates will be asked to show their skills with Alchemy. During your testing you will be graded a few things.

-Role Play Ability
-Use of Alchemy

Each of you will recieve a score out of ten (10). After the grading process is complete, we will post the results. If your field exam scores do not prove to be satisfactory it is obvious that for this exam, you will fail. A few guides follow this exam as well.

1. As on the first, you must post In character within the topic within the time limit. If you fail to comply within the time limit, you will fail.
2. As stated, your scores must be good to say the least. The proctor of the exam will give you a score out of ten and your passing or failing will be judged upon that.
3. When starting the field exam, whoever is proctoring the exam may choose whatever items they wish to provide. The items you are allowed to use depend on the proctor. For one time there might be an abundence of various items, while another time there might be a select few.

Interview Process

This is the last and final part of the test that you will go through. If you pass the written, move on to the second test and pass that as well you will then be put through an interview. This interview is always with a panel of State Alchemists, high ranking officals, and sometimes the Fuhrer himself. This process will take plan in character and you will be in a topic with the panel and the ranked officals. During said interview you will be asked questions by the people.

Now why this may seem like the first test all over again, but it's not. In this case, the questions will be personal and be directed at your character. And in the process of answering them you will do so In Character.
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State Alchemist Exam Guide
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