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 Oliver James Elric

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Oliver Elric


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PostSubject: Oliver James Elric   Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:09 pm

name: Oliver James Elric
alchemist name: Element alchemist
nicknames: Olly, jamy, Ol

age: 12 (in human ages, when al was around 14. when homunculus age he is 300)
gender: male
race: (look history) homunculus(he was also an chimera experiment) and human
nationality first resenbool, then it became unknown

height 150 cm
weight 42.4 kg
eye colors one eye gold and one green (the green one is an homunculus eye)
hair style and color golden, his hair touches his butt, its straight and a bit wild on his skull

clothing white gloves to cover his automails hands, army jacket and pants, wears army boots and underneuth his clothing he wears his homunculus clothes
pic not done yett, when im done i put it.
personality being hated by humans, shy, hates it being called short, anti-social, he always put of his clothes without knowing it when he is stressed, gets sick from transprotation(exept his chimera friend)

likes napping, eating, talking to animals, meat, candy, the armstrong family (the most olivier mira armstrong)
dislikes humans, milk, things with milk in it, vegatables, blood
biggest secret he is the first homunculus, and was also when he was an homunculus an experiment for doctors who transmutated chimera's, he is also an kind of chimera. he killed himself and brought himself back as an human by being born by an living philosophers stone(hohenheim) he got two souls, an normal human and an homunculus
rivals humans, army

skills he can use every not living thing for his transmutation, hand to hand combat, sword combat, shooting
weapons two swords, bow and arrows, one gun.(in his automails arms he made a kind of transmutation circles and on his body is an sort of transmutation circle.
transportation mostly tries to avoid it, uses his chimera bear/wolf who he rescued from evil chimeras

family hohenheim, edward elric, alphonse elric. trisha elric

oliver was the first homunculus created by hohenheim, when he died at childbirth from an unknown disease. hohenheim tried to bring him back what coulden't work. so he became the first homunculus pride. later when envy and wrath came along he was best friends with them.
because the furher king bradley sloth- also an homunculus- was he accepted oliver as an special state alchemist, when he had missions he had to kill humans, and oliver didn't liked it. after an long time he killed himself and brought himself back by being born again from the same person hohenheim. when he was born hohenheim rememberd him and brought him away from his family, he hadn't any legs, that was his payment. he was grown up in an unknown village and learned alchemy, he can use every notliving thing for his transmutation. when he was 8 his best friend died when fighting while protecting oliver against the homunculi. he tried to bring him back but it didn't work, what he didn't knew was that his best friend would become an homunculus -named gluttony- he lost his arms and ran away, his other friends wrath and an human girl were searching for hium and his human friend gave him automail arms. right from the shoulder, left from the elbow. he ran away again and ended in central, where his brothers Ed and Al found him bleeding heavy. he wanted to an normal state alchemist and wasd putted by roy mustang on an mission to briggs with his brothers, there he found wrath and in briggs kimbley secretly used oliver as an experiment by giving him an philosophers stone, by that his homunculus side was awakend and he almost died, when his other side awakend a ouroboros sign almost invisible appeard on his forhead and his right eye became freen, his teeth became also sharper and his homunculus clothes came back. after that his dna was merged and also his two souls and his apprentice changed. he lost all of his memorys and was like an child who was scared for eveything. (im not further done than this ^^ )

rpg sample
i woke up in a bright room , i had an nightmare. i was sweating all over my body. then i cried, i was afraid. i hated that dream, knewing it was going to be reality soon or later. then i felt someone was in my room, it was wrath. he smiled friendley. i jumped of my bed and he was always like an older brother for me, he hugged me and was petting my head. he wisperd. "dont worry, it was just a bad dream..." it sounded statisfied. i cried even harder. whrat sitted in a big comfortable chai and i fell next to him, my tears all over my face and my nose red.
when i woke up it was morning and i was sitting in the chair. my forhead was burning, probelly that stupid sign again. it was cold and i was shivering. i looked around but couldent find him.
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Oliver James Elric
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